Headquatered in Paris with an international outlook A H A offers complex, cosmopolitan, boredom-busting development scenarios and communication strategies to everyone involved in shaping the future of our towns and cities. Slap bang in the middle of all that moves, shakes, reflects, orchestrates, finances and promotes a vision of town planning, A H A launches events, guides both up-and-coming and established players on the French and European scene by activating and catalysing motors and wellsprings of their visibility and deployment wherever they may be.


In the mix and in the zone
We can be found somewhere between the action and the vision, the making it easy and the making it happen, from conception right through to production. We are both formal and informal, print and web, 1 and 100,000. We dare to share our savoir-faire. We are ready to rock.

Conceptualising the methods
We live in a super-specific world where everything has been seen, done and redefined a thousand times. Between analysis and intuition we think out of the box to find the perspectives to trace out the lines of a project with bang-up-to-date communications.

Asking questions to offer solutions
Off-beat thinking generates singular and vivacious viewpoints. We want to provoke excitement in our projects, for ourselves, our clients and everyone involved.

The road ahead
Full on by nature and irreverential on principal we fight to open horizons using hybrid skills, free-spirited approaches to rewrite the story.

Finger on the pulse
We prefer to establish pin tendencies rather than follow them.

Projects, meetings of minds, debates, ideas, shared contacts, experiences and testimonies. Much more than pleasant memories and pretty objects.

Fellow travellers
We are a power-flow of ideas, a partner and an advantage.

Monologue is evil
Say no to monologue monsters and assetive motor-mouths, confusing issues and cutting corners with clever but empty one liners. We prefer lightness, ping-pong, open sourcing and design thinking.

What we do

Made-to-measure strategies for development scenarios leading to communications game plans. And not the other way around.

Editorial issues, written content, publishing.

Artistic direction with a vision.

Worldwide press relations constantly reinvented, because nothing changes faster than the media and social networks.

Precise, effective and efficient public relations, silently whenever possible.

Non- formatted events.

The whole thing all at once – we are ardent multi-taskers.



Annabelle Hagmann – founder and director

With a network established over ten years in the spheres of culture, the stage and the fabric of the city, Annabelle built A H A upon the belief that architecture is the ultimate soft power that governs our everyday experience. With a capacity to identify and support the most ambitious projects, she founded her practice through the verve of her analysis and synthesis of her varied skills. The pertinence of her advice, her singular approach and belief in pro-active strategy building is fortified by her respect for confidentiality. Before creating A H A in 2011, she was head of development for the architects collective Plan 01 in Paris. Prior to that she had been head of corporate communications at the celebrated Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie and she originally launched her career as a consultant for the International Tanzmesse at Düsseldorf. A graduate from Paris-La Sorbonne, Paris-Assas and the Humboldt University of Berlin she also wrote a thesis on copyright at Berlin, where she lived for three years.

Ourania Vivien — project manager

Raised in Athens Ourania Vivien studied Urban design at reputed institutions in both Paris and Hamburg after originally reading Law at the Sorbonne. Her international outlook and taste for both design and architecture have lent her a true understanding of the daily challenges posed by what is at stake in European communications projects. A passion that made her something of a natural for
A H A.

Pauline Scannella — project manager
Graduated architect from ENSA-Nancy and specialized in the architectural experience in the digital era, Pauline Scannella chooses to place architecture at the center of current social issues. At A H A she focuses her practice on the dissemination of architectural culture.

Capelle Clement – trainee

Currently studying at the Institut Supérieur du Management Public et Politique, Clement joined A H A as a trainee after a long training period the Company to Phalsbourg.


Photo 1 : from the book 3F présente, 25 quartier renouvelés, éditions A H A, © Julien Lanoo
Photo 2 : A H A office, © Schnepp Renou