Wildlife urban architecture

loci animaLoci Anima’s Francoise Raynaud is that rare bird who seems able to develop an holistic architectural approach, where the buildings created are born with a living biorythmic roll, whose refuges and shelters swing with the arc of the sun’s trajectory across the seasons and are renewed across the generations. For lemacro-lot B4 Boulogne, of which she is she is both the architect and urban planning coordinator, she has opened a landscape around a school doted with a rooftop garden. Here offices and housing converge towards a horizon inhabited not only by by teeming students, families and workers but where the bees, birds of prey and various plants are also offered shelter. At the heart of this macrocosm an office block for Deutsche Bank and Vinci Immobilier provides for a new and contemporary way of working, whilst also giving the neighbourhood a rippling and iridescent silhouette of ever changing hues of blue or orange-pink etc. Another of her most recent projects is of an entirely different nature and was carried out for Jérôme Seydoux in the heart of the Gobelins cinema district. But here to there is an element of the ever visible because of the astonishing view it offers to both passers by and clientèle alike. The Tokyoesque neon facades were developed with the artist Miguel Chevalier and is set off by a depth charged digito-wooden structure, offering a richer shade to light effect and mirroring, with the contrasting play of the exterior screens, the function of the venue itself. ‘Les Fauvettes’ renews codes, becomes a place of social exchange forged by magic images and the strength of innovative programming dedicated to the array of masterpieces that have been restored and digitised. In its research to transform the experience of places has also led Loci Anima to conceive of a multifaceted Mediatech for Grand Angouleme, knitted around the interplay of five worlds: Build, Create, Imagine, Understand and one world to another. Driven by cross-disciplinary techniques and practices in the age of the all-digital, Alpha embodies the new generation of media to establish an unprecedented space. With three spectacular projects on the go in 2015 Loci Anima turned to AHA to orchestrate and clarify their visibility in an original way. The whole set up is supported on the foundations of truly atypical creations, by a team of surprisingly diverse profiles who are united by a common passion which is well off the beaten patch and a hundred miles from conformity … But we will say no more for now.