JANUARY Make no little plans and only fuelless ones: Welcome to Aerocene.
FEBRUARY Enjoy an unhurried way of being yet show no signs of slowing down.
MARCH www. World Wide Web is 30. What about you?
APRIL Leave the machine to give birth to the spirit.
MAY You MAY  vote at the EU elections.
JUNE What if we transition to a rural urbanism?
JULY Scream for an ice cream and Annabelle 3.
AUGUST Heatwave ! With no efficient climate policy, temperatures might reach 55°c in France in 2050. Yes, 55.
SEPTEMBER Remember architecture is an ongoing case. Never a classified one.
OCTOBER By 2050 Nigeria’s population is expected to surpass that of the US.
NOVEMBER The Berlin Wall fell 30 years ago. How many have you demolished since then?
DECEMBER How was it? Rather Blade Runner or Akira?