10 . 05 . 2016

West is the best


Conference cycle

ataraxia talksOrganized by Ataraxia Promotion, this conference cycle highlights four urban project developments in the West of France. For each of them, the workshop and negotiation dimension prevails over a « top-down » reasoning. In Nantes, in Rennes or in Bordeaux, the context and the political climate encourage to be innovative. Could this be the sign of a flourishing local development and an open-minded and collaborative human environment, the famous “west-coast attitude”? Without anticipating the analyzes to be made, it must be noted that the context invites to seek new “ways of doing” that adapt or anticipate socio-economic developments as the return of urban renewal projects, the revitalization of metropolitan centers, the transformation of industrial sites, the reduction local authorities resources and the inexorable installation of environmental issues. It is in this context that emerge urban projects negotiated between real estate professionals on one side and local authorities and urban planners and architects on the other. From La Courrouze and Baud-Chardonnet in Renne to l’Île de Nantes and the Marsauderies in Nantes, each project innovates in a different way in the « making of the city ». West is the best ?