Renewal: Twenty-five regenerated neighborhoods

Expo, AHA, 3F, 25 quartiers renouveler, At la Manne in Paris

A decade after riots and civil unrest in across the breadth of France’s run down city suburbs La Manne is running an exhibition featuring 25 of the areas that were part of a massive urban regeneration project launched across a vast swathe of these neighborhoods, known in France as ANRU or cites (precincts). The exhibition features a 100 gritty photos of neighborhoods from across France, from Grande-Synthe in the North to Perpignan in the deep south-west and showcases a cross section of the new towns and formerly deprived areas regenerated over the past ten years as part of the National urban regeneration program. The studies were all taken by Belgian photographer Julien Lanoo and are a selection of a larger collection in the beautifully crafted and frankly presented treaties come casebook “3F introduces 25 regenerated areas” published by editions A H A. The book is a situational study presenting the areas from the point of view of a passerby having a look around, the fruit of a project aiming to debunk any preconceptions about slums. The adventure was innitiated and developped with the backing of the 3f Housing group. These singular urban residencies are sensorially presented within the context of the territories concerned and their particular histories and geographies. The opening was feted with a heartfelt and in-depth debate which cast light into the darker corners of the subject thanks to the lively contribution from 3F General Director Yves Laffoucrière, Thierry Lajoie the CEO of the Grand Paris Aménagement and the celebrated architect and town planner Nicolas Michelin.