01 . 07 . 2016

Negociated Urban Planning

urba nego 3For two decades, Bordeaux has been an urban laboratory and is becoming a major European metropolis. The city has been redeveloping each district in turn, implementing innovative projects on each side of the Garonne River. As its constructions gradually emerge, the Bassin à flot project has become one of the emblems of this project of redevelopment. The city and the Métropole of Bordeaux have proved that it is perfectly feasible to adopt an entirely different approach to urban planning, by focusing on collective intelligence and working methods that provide an alternative to standard schemas : the Atelier des Bassin à flot, which was suggested and set up by the architect and urban planner Nicolas Michelin (ANMA) ; has embodied this new approach. This unique mechanism is entirely dedicated to the collaborative construction of a district that reconciles territorial identity with urban and architectural quality. This book retraces the story of one of the most experimental urban planning projects in France and explains how and why urban planning can and should be implemented via a process of negotiation.
Concept and production : A H A
Authors : Hugo Christy, ANMA avec l’Atelier des Bassins
Publisher : Dominique Carré éditeur