Basel – France

HHF-W049-ruta_peregrino-iwan_baan-BDHHF is a Swiss studio settled in Basel and founded by Simon Hartmann, Tilo Herlach and Simon Frommenwiler. The studio favours the notion of architectural contribution to the trivial understanding of authorship as a visual recognition feature. While fighting the temptation to actively pursue a formal common thread, the studio works at the crossroads of architecture, design and installations, regularly on the public space. Each project is regarded as a lever to reach implicit objectives, but also as an unfinished venture open to someone else’s project. In other words, their designs are thought as an additional link in the chain, at the opposite of a sanctified architectural signature. In this spirit, the studio opens discussions with other international actors. It has cooperated with Ai Weiwei on the 2004 project « Jinhua Architecture Parke » and on the 2008 project « Ordos » in Inner Mongolia. Afterwards, the studio has left with eight other studios on the Ruta del Peregrino in order to design a lookout point. This lookout has joined the Centre Pompidou collection since 2011. It is currently presented in the third part of the exhibition « Une histoire, art, architecture et design, des années 80 à aujourd’hui » (literally: « A history, art, architecture and design, from the eighties until now ») which is going to start on the 16th of September at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
The studio is expanding in Switzerland, in New York and in Berlin. In France, it is the recipient of two projects developed in cooperation with AWP: the masterplan La Défense 2020 and the Follies in the Park in Carrières-sous-Poissy in the Paris Region which will be delivered in autumn. The studio has entrusted A H A with its strategy in France.