Eden Vorarlberg

DU“The thing about Vorarlberg is the synergy between its two key components; an artist and an artisan. There is no sociological difference between us. We work as equals” says Much Untertrifaller. Looking at it from a French perspective, Vorarlberg looks in fact rather like an Eden. Dietrich Untertrifaller’s architecture is simple, refined and perfectly executed. The Austrian outfit has five various projects underway at various stages of progress. The first one to be delivered is the high school at Brooms, followed by an Exhibition centre and a concert venue in Strasbourg and a brand new arts college in Nantes. There is also a gym in Lyon and in Longvic on the way. Fresh in the pipeline is also the university sports campus Olympiapark in Munich, after winning an international tender for the project. The agency has entrusted its strategy in France to A H A.