23 . 03 . 2015

A community at peace with its environment


Press visit

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When you step out of your car at Rubelles in the Paris suburbs it takes a moment to get your bearings such is the apparent haphazard town-planning. But on closer inspection we quickly glimpse the opportunities and potential.The place is a veritable collage: houses, offices, parking lots, roads, a hotel, advertising hoardings and fields off in the distance. The building concerned here is the head office of the French social security department that looks after foreign based citizens and it is a rejigged 80s affair in a typical suburban setting. So the big question is how to make the place nicer to live in. The open and unfinished nature of these sites and their changing geometry is the future of cities. The Bartelo-Villemard agency works with this particular state of things, trying to transcend it. The extension of the French Caisse des Alien is a workplace but also a home. It is unique in its comfort and intimacy, conceived for a community of people at peace with an environment.