06 . 07 . 2015

3f présente … 25 quartiers renouvelés


photo pour site ahaOur aim is to open up the field of representation of these neighborhoods by offering a long traveling shot, with views to great scenery as frames on details, signs, attention. None of these images has in itself symbolic value, because reality is complex. It’s their reality overlay that arises from each of these parts of the city. The sound that accompanies this photographic traveling was collected during the shooting. It broadens the field of perception revealing another dimension of the reality of these neighborhoods. Leaving aside the usual acronyms and jargon, texts accompanying these photographs are both knowledgeable and sensitive. They can be read in isolation, as so many legends attributed to images, or over the photographs, like a snapshot subtitles. Renewal is not a new idea: it has motivated the construction of many of the neighborhoods that we denounced before we sometimes radically transformed them. If there is a renewal that now seems urgent to orchestrate, is that the way these neighborhoods that continue to be “new”. We bet that this work will participate, as he was involved in a human adventure to the authors, conducted with strict confidence 3F group.
Book to be released in June 2015. Editorial direction and texts : A H A – Artistic direction : WA75 – Sound design : Yves Bagot  – Video : Corentin Perrichot.
Available in Bookstores September 2015.